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prick - Wiktionary

  • imperium - Wiktionary 27 BCE – 25 BCE, Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita libri 26.1 Q. Fuluio Ap. Claudio, prioris anni consulibus, prorogatum imperium est atque exercitus quos.
  • Swedish language - Wikipedia Swedish ( svenska (help · info) [²svɛnːska]) is a North Germanic language spoken natively by 9.6 million people, predominantly in Sweden (as the sole official.
  • List of ethnic slurs - Wikipedia The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity, or to refer.
  • Ku!. Good, i finde it!.
  • good translation

  • What is written about Svenska Akademiens Ordlista Over Svenska Spraket Swedish Edition opinion

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    Svenska Akademiens Ordlista Over Svenska Spraket Swedish Edition

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